Why calebislost?


Caleb Woods

By now, you’ve probably skimmed over my website, but the one thing you can’t figure out is my URL, calebislost. For many years, I’ve used this name online. It’s how I met many fans of the television show LOST. LOST has a giant community around the globe and many of us know each another. Through conventions and various events, we usually meet up once every year or so.

Growing up in the South, you’re taught that only the Bible matters – that it’s the only book you can get inspiration from. I don’t believe this. I believe anyone can find meaning and inspiration from anything – music, books, movies, and yes, even a television show. LOST is my inspiration. Not only were my husband and I married in Hawaii at the LOST campsite beach, I also own several pieces of LOST memorabilia as well.

In a sense, LOST is my Bible. That’s why it’s part of my brand. No, I’m not “lost in life.” However, due to my mental illness, there are times I do feel lost.

I hope this clears up any confusion. Oh, and if you haven’t seen the show – do yourself a favor. It’s great!