Gallbladder Removal


Caleb Woods

I must be honest and transparent. I have struggled throughout the pandemic and haven’t posted as frequently as I would have liked.

In 2021, not only was I suffering mentally, I began to develop physical symptoms. After multiple tests, it was finally determined my gallbladder was functioning at only 9%.

While some may believe the removal of the gallbladder (known as a cholecystectomy) to be a small procedure, I developed some complications which required a short overnight stay in November 2021. This was my first major surgery and not only were we in the middle of a pandemic, the constant vomiting and bathroom troubles created a disaster for my medication.

This left me defeated and requiring a change in medication. Thankfully, I have tried my best to bounce back.

This serves as a reminder to those with mental illness who take daily medication. Remember to provide your medical history and a list of medications to a healthcare professional before undergoing any type of surgery.

I’m continuing to recover and getting better each day. I appreciate all the love that everyone sent my way.

Love to you,